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Home Buying Program

Thinking about buying a house? It’s always been part of the American Dream plus it has it’s benefits like an attractive long-term investment, appreciation, which in the long haul there’s a very good likelihood you will sell for a profit in the future. Plus you own it, no more having to adapt to your landlords demands, so you can be creative with your property.

Buying a home is a big deal, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed but it is not as difficult as most think. We stabilize your credit to help get you into a home as fast as possible. When buying a home they look at your credit score, your income, and debt to income ratio.

Other factors may be hard inquiries.

 We structure your credit profile so that you look attractive to lenders and are in a home in no time. Our turnaround time is 30-90 days. in most cases, we can refer you to a real estate agent or lender that knows all the loopholes to get you approved for your dream home.