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Antoine Sallis is the Founder and President of Rapid Credit Boosters, a firm that offers clients credit management advice. He is also an author, motivational speaker, and dream maker. His life experiences have consistently shaped his behaviors and thoughts, enabling him to focus on becoming the best version of himself. Antoine Sallis is inspired by the idea of philanthropy- to help others realize financial freedom.

Antoine Sallis was raised in a stable home despite the fact he never met his biological father. His biography reveals the story of an ambitious man. He has fallen upon hard times many times in his life.  At one point, he fell into a deep depression due to a series of unfortunate events that caused him to become homeless.  He could not get a car to sleep in or a place to live because of his poor credit. He felt misplaced in the world, although he didn’t have a plan on how to get better he knew he wanted to make a difference in the world. For months he thought about what he could do to change and enhance the lives of others. Considering his own struggles, he realized that if everyone knew more about credit their lives would be easier.

Prior to starting Rapid Credit Boosters, Antoine had no idea about credit management and its related aspects. He started researching about this phenomenon, trying out things he was reading or hearing about. Antoine decided to experiment with some of the credit repair strategies with his family members, and most of them worked out. His confidence began to increase when he realized that his efforts were practically useful. Rapid Credit Boosters was formed on an operational framework that was both admissible and effective. Within no time, Antoine Sallis became a professional credit restoration expert. He now wants to share his talent with the world.

Rapid Credit Boosters is an establishment that liaises with people and organizations to teach them ways of managing their credit profiles. Together with a team of professionals, Antoine Sallis strives to inform clients of realistic strategies that can be used to finance personal projects. He further shares with them the rules of credit management that can guarantee optimal financial freedom. Proper customer care relation is the pillar of this entity as it allows Antoine to listen to other people’s concerns mostly. Coupled with a level of authenticity, clients are assured of becoming more conversant about credit matters.

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